Life Style

The lifestyles of the rich and famous in Hyderabad

The BMW glided to a stop and out stepped a Jimmy Choo shod, elegant and meticulously pedicured pair of feet on to a smooth cobblestone paved driveway that led to marbled portico. An equally elegant finger then pressed into the finger pad security scanner near the crafted teak wood doors, which unlocked the doors automatically with a faintly audible click. A concierge greeted and handed over the day’s mail and tickets to a play that weekend. The hi-end elevators whisked up smoothly to the penthouse; the doors were already opened by the maid who had been informed by the security system. Once inside the designer living room complete with hand-crafted Italian furniture, the elegant feet again paused at the double glazed glass French doors that opened to a Japanese style garden balcony, which overlooked stunning landscapes and water bodies.

This could be the opening para of a novel set in Beverly Hills, California or could be a sneak peek into the life and home of a resident at a hi-end luxury apartment in Banjara hills in Hyderabad.

What one thought to be seen only in western countries or was a lifestyle of the extremely elite business families or top film stars in India is increasingly the norm at luxury residential apartments and villas in large metro cities in India. In a city like Hyderabad, where just the last few years has seen a 45% rise in multi-millionaires with a net worth of over $30 million, such luxury homes are in great demand. A drive around Banjara Hills can see designer homes built by global architects with ultra-luxury fittings, lightings, security systems; complexes with its own ecosystem of private cinema halls, fitness centres salon and spa, banquet halls and kids gaming zones.

Being a city that is in the forefront of business and IT, yet with a comparatively relaxed pace of life, little wonder an increasing influx of people from other states are making Hyderabad their home. And living it up in style!