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Bungalow or apartment – the better choice?

When one has reached a certain place in life in terms of wealth and is looking for a place to put down roots to call home, the first thought would probably be an independent house or a bungalow – one that can provide privacy, space, amenities and luxuries the way one wants it, land that one can have a private garden, space to park more cars, more play space for kids and so forth. Unfortunately it also comes with the baggage of having to take care of all the maintenance yourselves and arrange for private security. Then things like a gym, a place for tennis or squash, skating area for kids, a large space for a grand party, all that within the premises itself would be nice, but not often possible. Unless you can build your own Antilla.

Or maybe not! Most hi-end luxury apartments or villas in gated communities in large metros can give you all of these and more! Hi-end apartments are private luxury cocoons within a larger living nest. They are large, sometimes double storied (if a penthouse or duplex), are open on 3 sides and don’t share walls with other flats, have uber luxury fittings and amenities inside, with large balconies or small private terraces and separate servants quarters. Pretty much most things a bungalow can give you. But that’s not all. Luxury condos are equipped with full-fledged gyms with sauna and spa; club house with space for zumba, yoga, tennis/badminton or squash courts; card/lounge area, skating/jogging/cycling tracks, private area or terraces for parties and swimming pools with kiddie wade pools. Some even have private movie screening theatre, convenience store and ATMs located within the premises. And you don’t have to worry about electricity, water, security or maintenance. Now that’s living it up.

But the best part of an apartment living is the social circle, especially for kids. Often it’s like extended family especially during festivals. Bungalows, on the other hand, could be a tad isolated.

So which is better? You decide.