Qubani ka meetha

Hyderabad’s sweet obsession

One of the desserts that is now almost synonymous with Hyderabadi cuisine is Qubani ka Meetha, an exotic apricot pudding.  You haven’t tasted a thing in Hyderabad if you haven’t tried, Qubani ka Meetha.

The word qubani means apricot in Urdu and meetha, means sweet. No ‘ Shahi Dastarkhwan ‘ or ceremonial royal feast is considered complete without this dessert occupying pride of place. Apricots, originally natives of Armenia were introduced to India about four centuries ago. They constituted an important commodity in Persian trade and with the advent of the Mughal rule in india, apricots became an integral part of their legacy. The rise and fall of the Mughal empire in India, did not affect the survival of the apricot and it continues to be cultivated in the temperate climate in the north of India.
Just four key ingredients combine to create this delectable dessert-apricots, sugar, cardamom and cream. The apricots are soaked in water and infused with flavours like cardamom, cinnamon, orange extract and simmered till they yield their goodness in an aromatic mass. Then sugar is added and it is stirred till it reaches a mushy consistency. The actual texture is a matter of preference; it can either be pureed completely (in the more traditional way) or a slightly chunky texture can be retained. It can also be served warm or cold, with saffron cream and garnished with slivers of almonds. And then one is ready for a taste of heaven!
This dessert is available in many restaurants that serve Hyderabadi cuisine. However, most connoisseurs will testify that nothing matches the authentic recipes which have been preserved in many family kitchens.