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Fashion Residences @ Most Expensive Zip Code

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you recall this golden oldie Audrey Hepburn movie, it was about a girl in New York, who dressed up every morning in her best dress and pearls and went down to the most upmarket store on 5th Avenue, the most fashionable street in New York, and window shopped while having her breakfast.  It was about the importance of being seen at the right address and living it up in style. It was about making a statement of who you are.


Take a list of the who’s who or page 3 of any city the world over. They would all have home addresses in the most expensive and sought after street in town. Think any party introduction or conversation. First it would be ‘what do you do?’ then, ‘where are you put up.’ If you have arrived in life, then it’s important that you arrive at the right address too. The right area and address is a calling card to who you are. A status symbol.


Be it Malibu in California or Malabar hills in Mumbai, Aurangzeb road in Delhi, Koramangala in Bangalore or Poes Gardens in Chennai, every city has a high street where the rich and famous live. One of the most expensive zip codes in India, however is in Hyderabad, Banjara hills. Home to aristocracy in the early days, today it’s where the most lavish of homes, high street retail and super premium hotels are located.  It’s an address that is expensive, exclusive and extremely sought after.


Hi-end residences in Banjara Hills are home to some of the most elite in Hyderabad. These designer homes redefine the new premium with their features, facilities and its fashion quotient. Having a residence here is not about having a home, it’s about who you are. A status symbol. A Tiffany’s to be seen in.