Hyderabad: A Facelift?

Plan To Make Smart City Of Global Standards

Besides planning to make Hyderabad a “smart city” of global standards, the Telengana government also plans to beautify the city to enhance its glamour quotient. Many reputed foreign architects are vying for opportunities to work on these ambitious government projects.

Hafeez Contractor, renowned Mumbai based architect has also submitted proposals to the government with suggestions to beautify the entire 34 kilometer stretch of the Musi riverfront. He has also recommended that the government consider the possibility of linking the various lakes and rivulets and has submitted a presentation to the Chief Minister YS Rajashekar Reddy. Some of these ideas if they fructify would make the pearl City, a City of Lakes.

There are plans to construct 14 beautiful gateways at various entry and exit points in the city. Each gateway will be constructed in a different architectural style and will be a fusion of the modern and the ancient styles. For instance the gateway at Uppal on the Hyderabad Warangal highway would incorporate Mogul and Kakatiya styles to reflect the distinctive cultures of the two cities. A unifying feature on each gate would be a logo of the Charminar representing the city of Hyderabad. The gateways would not only add aesthetic value but also monitor incoming and outbound traffic. The areas around each gateway would be landscaped to make it green and environment friendly.

The Telengana Government is making every effort to fast track these beautification projects.