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Going the Extra Mile � The Success Mantra of Top Corporates

What’s common between the well known professionals and business owners like Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Anil Ambani, Mittu Chandilya, & Navin Jindal, other than the fact that they are all extremely successful business heads and entrepreneurs is miles and pounds; with some squats, lifts, curls and stretches thrown in.

One would think that top leaders of the corporate world would literally be living in their offices, with the board room being the place they spent most time. Turns out, greens, benches and saddles are equally important venues that attribute to their success. Take any marathon event. Most are peppered with CEOs and business page scions. No, they are not there just for photos, they invariably lead the swarm.

A German study by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Cologne has found that companies headed by marathon-running CEOs were valued between 4 – 10% higher than other companies. This is because CEOs who exercise regularly are healthier and less stressed, which leads to better corporate performance.

One young business graduate once asked Richard Branson the secret mantra to better productivity and success. All prepared to receive great gyan, he was stunned to hear the answer – “workout.” The lifestyle of the 400-company conglomerate honcho is no secret. Work hard, play hard – and work-out hard.

Regular exercise ensures not just physical fitness that is important for long hours of work and frequent travel; it increases energy levels, physical co-ordination, reduces stress, enhances metal agility and self-image and boosts self-confidence. All of which are crucial for a person to get to and remain on top of the game.

Sure, the successful and wealthy do invest in state-of-the-art gyms and top-of-the-line trainers and equipment whereas some indulge in yoga, zumba, kick boxing, Pilates, calisthenics and such. But basic work outs that anybody can access easily anywhere and anytime such as running, swimming, cycling, all work equally well too. Try a jog in the park with the pet dog, or a game of football with kids. The important thing is to be systematic and make it part of routine and have fun. Success will automatically follow.